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A Land of Blue
Ice, Blue, Ice, Blue,
So cold, so cold.
You left me saddened,
Said it was never me you would hold.
My tears are frozen to my heart,
My lips forever blue,
My soul encased in ice,
All because of you.
Do I seem too pale?
Do I lay too still in my bed?
Do you wonder what happened?
How could I be dead?
Far too soon did you end my pulse.
All too quickly you stole my breath away,
Now I'm as cold as the ground I lay in,
Not goodbye will you say.
And yet in heaven,
A land of beautiful hue,
A land I belong in,
A land of blue.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 2 2
Even A Shattered Mirror
As I lay here,
Among bones of my fathers,
Apathy holds my soul,
A captive.
Yes, I felt once,
But feeling became too hard.
Won't you accept me
As I am?
Yes, I may be broken,
But even a shattered mirror holds reflection.
Writing my gravestone,
With the actions that I take,
Writing an obituary
For the spirits that I break,
Won't you love me now?
Of course not, Of course not,
Let me lay in the mausoleum,
Let me rot. Let me rot.
Let. Me. Rot.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 3 6
Words to you. Life to Me.
Verbs. Not to me.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 0 0
Can’t stop the thoughts
Shouldn’t think this way
Something might happen
Can’t hurt others this way
I can’t stop the thoughts
I am afraid
I don’t want it to happen
I do want it to happen
I shouldn’t do it
I shouldn’t hurt others this way
It’s just so hard
What’s one little slit?
I can’t.
I could get addicted.
I can’t become dependent on it.
I help my friends to avoid it.
Why should they have to listen if I do the same?
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 0 0
We Will Always Remember
Rubble                     Rubble
Dust                         Dust
Blood                       Blood
Tears                       Tears
Loss                         Loss
Fear                         Fear
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 1 6
Brush Part One
"No, Hermione!" barked Ron finally, slamming his fist on the table.
"You are not my father, Ronald!" She shouted back. Her eyes were filled with angry tears and were trained on him in fury and frustration.
"It's not safe, Hermione." Harry stated evenly. He was trying desperately to make his understand.
"Harry, I don't give a damn. You two are my friends. You will not treat me like a little girl! I can handle myself!"
"Like you handled yourself in second year?" Ron snarled. Both Hermione's and Harry's mouths fell open.
"Ron." Harry growled warningly.
"How dare you?! I handled myself fine! I'm damn proud of my blood status even if it does get me petrified or worse!" She hissed.
The three jumped and pulled out their wands.
"That was just Fred and George right?" Hermione asked.
"Right. Plus, Death Eaters can't come here. It's my house. My home." Ron said weakly. Harry raised an eyebrow but said nothing.
They saw it before they heard it. Fire was everywhere and the explosion threw the
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 25 102
Target No More
To you know who you are,
I just wanted to say you're welcome. You probably think you have nothing to
thank me for, but read on.
I am the reason you are popular, the reason you're in that clique now.
I am the reason you're in the same group of jerks since elementary school.
Now you're most likely thinking, "How can I even think I have any reason to
think I'm the reason you're popular?"
I admit, I'm not the whole reason, but I am a part of it.
I existed. I lived the way I wanted to. I stood out because I wanted to. I
became the way for you to fit in.
You probably thought your snide comments were unheard.
They weren't.
Every little joke you made about my appearance, my participation in class, my
friends, and anything else you could use to make your "Friends" chuckle about
was heard.
Everytime the teachers didn't intervene was noticed.
Did they hurt then? Yes. Did they hurt much? Not too much after a while. Did
they affect me? Still do.
But now I'm proud of the reasons I gave you to m
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 6 8
Petals are the faith,
A measure of the time,
Petals are the life,
A riddle in a rhyme.
Petals grow and grow,
Colors into shades,
They never stop for loss,
Nor pain that ne'er fades.
Petals live through every hurt,
They fall and wither again,
Petals watch you sever bonds,
And watch your love slain.
Petals may ever show our love,
And ever show our care,
Never lose what you need to live,
Friends, my friends, don't despair.
Petals say naught nor do,
My friends I have a message for you,
Hurt one of us, hurts more than two,
And pained one we're here for you.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 3 2
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE by MariaHeart HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE :iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 2 12 Lion entry by MariaHeart Lion entry :iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 3 20
Marked Chapter 18
"Miss Granger, would you tell us what happened after you woke up after your Duelling class?" Dumbledore asked, his voice kind and caring. He offered me to sit and I complied, sitting across from him.
"Yes, Professor. Do you need a detailed explanation?" I asked, hoping he would let me summarize.
"I need you to tell me every detail you can possibly remember. I hope you can trust me enough to confide in me. I'm not here to judge you. Only to help you and to be able to catch those who have tried to hurt you." He said.
"I do trust you. It's just an uncomfortable subject." I said. I took a deep breath and began to recount. "I woke up and had an uneasy feeling. Like I sensed something was off. Something was wrong. Then I found Draco's note saying he and Maria were in his room. It was addressed to me using my nickname." I added, not knowing if that was the kind of detail he was looking for. "It also said he would check on me every few minutes. Then I heard someone say "Hello, Mudblood." That
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 16 66
Marked Chapter 17
"How the heck?!" Harry yelled.
"How many times in one day can I be attacked?" I asked them. "Counting all the times Snape yelled at me, that seven I think." The boys stared at me. "What?"
"Hermione, you were just threatened by my father!" Draco said, exasperation in his voice.
"I noticed." I said. "Bloody Hell, Snape is going to kill me!" I grabbed their arms. "This time, keep up please." We ran to the Dungeons.
"MISS GRANGER!!! WHERE THE BLOODY HELL WERE YOU?!" Snape yelled. I looked over my shoulder at the two boys and whispered.
"Eight." I turned back to the seething professor. "Professor, I was just attacked by Lucius Malfoy! And a little while before that I was attacked by Theodore Nott! Again! I have a valid excuse!" I yelled back. Good job, Hermione! Make him even more mad! Just what we need! More detention! I thought.
"We are going to see the Headmaster!" He growled. He dragged me out by my very bruised arm. "You two! Follow us!" Snape ordered the two shocked boys
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 22 50
Indirectly reaching friends
Through the darkest of times,
The easiest question to ask,
Is the hardest to answer,
For the solutions we mask.
And when it seems like we won't make it,
Like we would rather just die,
The simplest reaction,
Is to throw back your head and cry,
Why oh why oh why?
Why, oh Lord, why?
But you will make it through,
You shan't die,
Take my hand I'll help you,
You shall survive your why.
And I reach out,
To the young and the old,
And the question I hear most,
Is one with no easy answer sold.
And even I get lost,
Even I cry,
And if you listen closely,
You will hear me sigh,
Why oh why oh why?
Why, oh Lord, why?
But we will make it through,
No we shan't die,
We'll take each others' hands,
And we'll survive our why.
Though the walls,
Fears, tears, and jeers,
Fires of Hate,
Don't worry I am here.
And no longer shall we cry
Why oh why oh why?
Why, oh Lord, why?
For we have our answer,
On each other we rely.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 3 4
Looked at this by MariaHeart Looked at this :iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 0 10
Remember all our laughs,
Even when you're sad.
Just think of all our memories,
Entranced in good or bad.
Creativity I possess,
Though you show it even more.
4 time will help us through,
Lovingly pushing us through window or door.
You're always on my mind,
For you're truly one of a kind.
:iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 4 7
Harry Potter Candy by MariaHeart Harry Potter Candy :iconmariaheart:MariaHeart 3 0


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